Urte Lady vom Bruggener Land

(Xcalibur von der Ischlerbahn x Ophelia Lady vom Br├╝ggener-Land)
Born: 17/08/2015
MDR1 +/+; DM N/N; CEA +/-; HD-A
Co-owner: Anja Kroon

Riverside Song Aura for Angel Silvestre

(Riverside Song Rock My World x Salsina Shared Promises)
Born: 20/07/2018
MDR1 +/- DM N/N
Eyes clear!
Living at home!

Riverside Dream of Angel Silvestre

(Riverside Song My Fairy King x Qyara Angel Silvestre)
Born: 30/10/2018
MDR1 +/-; DM N/DM; CEA -/-
Co-owner: Anne Michielsens

Roxy Angel Silvestre

(Pure Black Magic von der Ischlerbahn x Qyara Angel Silvestre)
Born: 30/10/2018
MDR1 +/+; DM N/N; CEA +/-
Eyes clear!
Co-owner: Gregory Notterman!

Quiana Evening Star z Danci louky

(Gek in Black z Danci louky x Olivia Oyl Lady vom Bruggener Land)
Born: 28/09/2017
MDR1 +/+ DM N/N CEA +/+ PRA rcd2 +/+ JRD +/+ IPD +/+ HD-A EYES CLEAR!
Living at home!

Camanna Chasedream

(Erjon Excelebration x Beldones Oh La La at Camanna)
Born: 15/06/2019
DM N/DM MDR1 +/- CEA -/- PRA rcd2 +/+ PCR +/+ HD-A
Eyes clear!
Import UK! Living at home!

Tiganlea Trust In (Angel Silvestre)

(Tiganlea Too Good to be Forgotten x Tiganlea Wishful Thinking)
Born: 26/11/2019
Import UK! Living at home.

True Dream Angel Silvestre

(Riverside Dream Angel Silvestre x Pow Wow Du Clos de Sea-Wind)
Born: 18.06.2020
DM N/N MDR1 +/-
Living at home!


Riverside Song My Fairy King

(Hot Chocolate Du Clos De Sea-Wind x Lullaby Du Clos De Sea-Wind)

Born: 11/11/2016
MDR1 +/- DM N/N IPD free; Eyes clear, HD-A

Pow Wow Du Clos de Sea-Wind

(Ni vu ni connu du Bois des Amazones x In blue love Du Clos De Seawind)
Born: 07/04/2019
MDR1 +/- DM N/N CEA,PRA,Cat Free HD-A

Import France!
Intermedia class winner at ENE 2020!


Angel Silvestre facebook page



Kangasvuokon Leonore

(Ch. Timonan Chance Can Choose x Kangasvuokon Oliwia)

SMOOTH COLLIE! Import Finland!
DM N/N, MDR1 +/-, CEA non carrier, Eyes clear! HD-A; ED-0!

Riverside Song Victory Dance (Arwen)

(Ch. Metrisa Tikati Bo x V.Jr.WW.Ch. Riverside Song Kiss me Quick)
MDR1 +/+
(Had 3 litters now enjoying retired life)

Qiara Angel Silvestre

(Maralynn Soul Catcher x Ch.Riverside Song Victory Dance)
Born: 08/03/2017
MDR1 +/+ DM N/DM
Co-owner: Guido Bleijenberg
(Had 2 litters, now enjoying happy retired life)