Qiara Angel Silvestre


Qiara was born on 08/03/2017. She has very sweet character, but careful with unknown people. Her health results are DM N/DM and MDR1+/+


Maralynn Soul Catcher
Ch. Timeless Twilight's Mild in my Soul

Ch. Lynmead Love of My Life

Double Scotch Gold Wild and Free
High Class Girl Gold de Cabrenysset
Daddy Cool de Cabrenysset
Darling Gold de Cabrenysset
Riverside Song Victory Dance

Metrisa Tikati Boo

Choco Pops du Domaine des Emeraudes at Triburle

Jopium Blue Touch for Mertrisa
Riverside Song Kiss Me Quick
Mertrisa All You Need Is Love
Riverside Song Dainty Little Moonbeams